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Hospitality Careers (Vocational Pathway) - LEVEL 2


Programme Structure

Hospitality Careers (Vocational Pathway) is a 26 week programme.  Trade and Commerce runs the Hospitality Careers (Vocational Pathway) programme for 48 weeks of the year, from the start of the third week in January until the end of the third week in December. Three one-week recess breaks occur in April, July and October.

Learners may enrol at any time during the programme and exit the programme on completion of the qualification.

The delivery framework and broad curriculum timetable are outlined on the following pages.

Learners are carefully transitioned into higher learning or employment and the final three weeks of attending the programme is spent with this assistance.

Programme Managers, in collaboration with the learner, will develop a qualification pathway showing the assessment standards the learner is required to, and chooses to, complete during the programme. This forms part of the learners Individual Achievement Plan.  Individual achievement, assessment timetables and a learner’s duration on the programme is based on a learner’s Individual Achievement Plan that fits with the programme’s monthly learning and assessment schedule
Programme Aim

This programme is aimed at learners who want to learn core skills in hospitality and customer service that have been identified by employers as being important for the workplace. The programme has been designed so learners will be able to transfer successfully into employment, community life and/or further study.
Learners will achieve the National Certificate in Educational Achievement (Level 2).